Wednesday, August 27, 2008

End of Kigali trip 2008

We have reached the end of our stay in Kigali for this year. We have had a great trip, with wonderful hosts and hostesses. I think I can write on behalf of all of us, Andy, Greg Eva and Paul. We hope we have behaved so we are welcome back.

I, Eva, want to thank everyone who help us fund this trip, and support this stay. Thank yous go especially to David Kreps at GSB, John Shoven SIEPR, Nick Hope SCID, and the staff at SCID and SIEPR in particular Deborah Cavalho. They never stopped beleiving in this project, even when the rest of us were in doubt, amazing.
On the Kigali side, thank you Krishna Govender, Andrew Nyamvumba, Andre Ndjery, David Kanamugire, and many more probably.

And extra and warm Thank you goes to Liz McBride who's enthusiams and knowledge made this idea to a real event. In very much danger working in Afganisthan has she kept in touch with the project, She has provided advice and generously shared with us her network in Rwanda and in the great lake region.

A very grateful thank you to Greg Rosston who not only assisted in making the trip possible but also ventured himslef to unknown territory. And finally, Andy Skrzypacz, (Andrzej), what a courageous and patiant man, who without hesitation said yes when I asked him to go, and with patiance waited for a program and a teaching schedule until the bitter end. I am so happy both Andy and Greg got to see both elephants and gorillas, what a treat.

Finally thank you to Paul, my husband, who really lives up to the vowes he once gave to me,.... in times of better and worse". Thank you for the trust and faith. What a treasure you are and what a contribution you made.

27th of August, 2008

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