Thursday, August 14, 2008

arrived in Kigali

Arrived in Kigali 7PM and were met by Andrew, and David
that took care of Greg and Andy and now will take care of Paul and me.

Exiting the airport Paul and I both noticed the silky, warm but cooling down crisp air.
And it was pitch dark, as dark as only Africa can be.

Lots of people walking along the streets while we were taken to our hotel Serena.
I remembered the neighborhood of Serena Hotel from last time I visited 2005. We pass the residence of the president, and lots of other institutions.

Former employed at IRC and Liz McBride's colleague and friend Andre met us at the hotel. He had taken care of me last time I was here too. He is the guy that plays behind the scene and so when things seemed to stall with respect to the planning of the school I wrote to him complaining and he got the ball rolling again. Andre's sister is the director of the first lady's fund, funding medication and social needs in Rwanda. He is very well connected.

The group had dinner at 9PM and Paul was still upright despite the fact that he had been in the air for a long time. (I came from Europe and Paul came from California. We met up in Brussels where we had dinner, stayed over night and took Brussel air out to Kigali.)

Andrew and David who both grew up in Uganda spoke english and not so very good french.
Andre speaks french and not so good English. And all of them speak rwandanese of course.

Andrew and Andre met during the war, in 1993. David arrived to Rwanda to work in the president's office 2000. David have two daughters and declared that he will let them decide what they want to do with their lives, and he and his wife challenge is to make sure there are no obstacles to their daugthers' desires! Sounds more american than european way of fostering one's children to me.
We decided to meet tomorrow Friday despite the fact that it is a national holiday. We may see something like an embryo to a program.
That is all for now, Paul is asleep and I am about to.

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Selva said...

Eva you have such a charming way of telling things. Thank you so much for keeping us updated, I look forward to reading your good news and unique observations. - Selva